Eligibility for Medicare in New Jersey

In 2020, there were more than 1.6 million people in New Jersey who had enrolled in the various Medicare programs and received benefits from those programs. An interesting fact is that this population is approximately 18% of the total population of New Jersey. If you are confused about your eligibility for Medicare programs in New Jersey, enrolling in them is quite convenient and easier than you may be thinking.

You are eligible for the Medicare program in New Jersey if you are a citizen of America or a permanent legal resident who has been living in the United States for more than 5 years and as well as being one of the following:

A person who is 65 years of age or more·

A person who has been on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for nearly 2 years.

A person who is diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Medicare Eligibility In New Jersey

Different Medicare Options Available for Residents of New Jersey

If you have NJ Medicare eligibility then you will have to choose among various Medicare programs. The program must be chosen according to your needs and requirements. 

The Medicare Program can be broken down into different parts:

  • Hospital Insurance that comes in Part A
  • Medical insurance that comes in Part B
  • Medicare Advantage that comes in Part C
  • Prescription Drug coverage that comes in Part D

Part A and B of the Medicare Program can be purchased through the government. However, if you want any extra coverage then you can choose to add a Part D plan that includes prescription drugs. If a person wants to include out-of-pocket expenses such as coinsurance, then he or she can choose a Medicare Supplement plan. You can purchase both Part D and Medicare Supplement plans from private insurance companies.

It is good to choose a Medicare Advantage plan as most of those plans include Part A and Part B in a single plan. Some plans also cover prescription drugs along with other services such as dental, hearing, and vision care.

It is estimated that more than 518,000 residents in New Jersey enrolled in the Medicare Advantage plan in the year 2020. If an individual requires assistance on drug coverage costs, then he or she can apply for the extra help. In 2020, more than 58% of the residents who qualified for eligibility for Medicare in NJ also applied for Extra Help. 

How does a person get Medicare Plans in New Jersey?

If you want to apply for the Medicare plans in New Jersey, then you have to contact the Social Security Administration (SSA). You can apply online or by making a phone call. If you are about to reach 65 years of age, then eligibility for Medicare in NJ will begin 3 months before you turns 65 years old, includes your birthday month and continues until three months after you turn 65 years old.

Resources that can provide Medicare Services

The New Jersey Department of Human Services was established to help senior citizens. This department handles the state and federal funding for the Medicare programs that proves beneficial for senior citizens. Some of the beneficiaries for providing Medicare plans are as follows:


    State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIAP):

    This is a part of a federal plan that is created to provide educational resources, necessary information, and counseling to the Medicare beneficiaries of New Jersey. The counselors are specifically trained to provide one-on-one help to answer the questions related to Medicare and healthcare coverage. They also organize periodic seminars that are aimed to provide essential information to all the groups. You can get all the information on the web page of SHIAP.

    New Jersey State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs: This is a program that is aimed to provide information about the financial help available for the Medicare beneficiaries of New Jersey.

    Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP): SMP is considered a federal program in New Jersey and was originally created to protect Medicare beneficiaries from fraud and other claim errors. 

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