Frequently Asked Questions For Referral Program

How do I refer someone to Chermol Medicare & Insurance Solutions?

Have your referred person CALL 888-996-0422. The person you refer MUST CALL IN and provide us with your personal referral code. Do not call in yourself and provide us with your referred person’s contact information.

How do I refer someone to Chermol Medicare & Insurance Solutions?

The postcard you received in the mail will have a PERSONAL CODE that consists of a combination of 5 letters/numbers. In addition, you may have received a text message or email with a link to this postcard that looks like this.

Chermol Medicare & Insurance Solutions Referral

Should my referred person be eligible for Medicare?

Yes. We focus on clients eligible for Medicare. We can help ANYONE that is eligible for Medicare or will soon be eligible for Medicare. This includes disabled persons and people about to turn 65 (or 65 + years old).

When do I receive payment for a referred person that uses my personal code?

If your referral is eligible for Medicare and receives a plan assessment from one of our licensed agents, then you will receive a check in the mail in the amount of $25 within 60 days from the date of the plan assessment.

Disclaimer: Medicare/Medicaid providers or billers shall not be eligible for this Referral Program. In order to receive the $25 referral fee, the referred person must be eligible for Medicare and provide sufficient information to conduct a Medicare coverage assessment.